The Value of Life

“Life today is regarded as cheap by those rulers of this world who have no fear of God. Life is expendable; it can be destroyed; babies are cast out from the womb; one can legally cut short one’s own life; super “techs” are on the cutting edge of making their own robot-man, a caricature of the God-man, but they are not able to breathe into their self-made man the precious breath of life which creates a living soul. And even we, believing Orthodox Christians, in our downcast moments listen to the counsel of the evil one who whispers “You’re no good…,” as if we too were not of any worth at all, that other people somehow have it better, thus foolishly belittling our portion as being very small. The worth of man is inestimable! God created man in extreme beauty, and Himself took on this form and became the God-man for our salvation) And He did this as a gift of His love. “
– From the St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery ‘letter to friends’