New Site Purpose

Almost two years after this site was created we have concluded that getting news from most monasteries is almost impossible with a few exceptions.  The is mostly due to the fact that their purpose is personal spiritual development  of their Brotherhood or Sisterhood and since this is done quietly and privately,  there is not that much ‘news’ to report.  So, website and Facebook pages are only successful with new content and we really can’t generate that much  (even by going to each monastery’s website).   Secondly, many monasteries use their print mail-outs to generate funds, not just to give news, so we are not able to publish those online without  impacting their income.

With this new knowledge, this site and our  Facebook page will not but updated in the future unless a new monastery is founded.  We are continuing to feature selected quotes from monastery communications in our daily Orthodox Quotes page.  They will serve as an easy reference point with links to directly contact each monastery for more information or go be added to their email or regular mailing list.