Submitting Info

We welcome submissions from monasteries and pilgrims sent directly to us.  Usually we will feature a single picture or excerpt from a spiritual reflection with a link to the monastery website.  Here are guidelines:

Individual posts
We will do an individual post for things like upcoming Feastday activities, a new product  (i.e. book published directly by the monastery or candles/incense/soap/other products made by the monastery itself), a major event, start of a new building project, and similar ‘unique’ events.

Group Posts
We will combine submissions into a single post with a theme  (i.e. homilies, spiritual reflections, ‘sale’ at the monastery store,  pictures of life at the monastery)  into a single post by geographical region with all submissions listed and links to monastery websites.  This is to balance the desire to publicize what is going on in monasteries with the goal of just having 1-3 posts a day maximum to give features maximum ‘front page’ time and to avoid having so many posts that readers get frustrated.

Most monasteries, understandably, are not media oriented and sometimes getting pictures is next to impossible.  So, we are very interested in images that you take from visits to the monasteries.   This site is not done for commercial or promotional purposes so we don’t give ‘credit’ to the source of the images.  Only 1-3 images of any visit…those you consider the ‘best’…are requested.   We normally post these at the Facebook page as a group with a link from this site.

The bottom line:  PLEASE send news and images so this site will be an effective means to publicize and generate visits and support for Orthodox monasteries.

If you are a monastery that does not have email access  (or know of one that doesn’t), please contact us for a mailing address to add to their mailing list.  We can harvest news from there.

Contact by Email